What is a Social Good Business?

There are many different types of businesses. From the classic lemonade stand all the way up the chain to a major corporation, if you’re making money and reinvesting, you’re running a business.

When you’re first starting a business it’s important to come up with great ideas. In order to position your company for future success, the first question you need to answer is, “What will my business do?”

In order to answer this question, most entrepreneurs are told to solve problems. If you read that link, you’ll know that a much better framework for thinking about that first critical question is: How can I create a sustainable business that will profit investors and the public. 

If you’ve got an answer to that question then it’s likely you’re a Social Good Business. From this question, we can accurately coin a definition of a Social Good Business as:

A Sustainable Operation that provides unique benefits for it’s investors and the general public.

For example, our green tea matcha company, Tenzo Tea is the healthiest drink in the world. Each time a customer drinks Tenzo matcha, they make the choice to lead a healthier life. This makes a legitimate difference in the lives of our communitea members and improves the quality of their life.

Ad Valorum will always operate under this philosophy. We will actively seek out and invest in businesses making large social improvements. If you’re operating a Social Good Business and are in need of capital, contact us.