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2 12, 2016

What is a Social Good Business?

What is a Social Good Business? There are many different types of businesses. From the classic lemonade stand all the way up the chain to a major corporation, if you're making money and reinvesting, you're running a business. When you're first starting a business it's important to come up with great ideas. In order to position your company for future success, the first question you need to answer

8 10, 2016

What is Ad Valorum?

What is Ad Valorum? Ad Valorum believes in making the world a better place. We are a holdings company founded in March 2016 that invests in companies solving meaningful problems for global audiences. Ad Valorum invests in public securities and private companies disrupting sustainable systems, artificial intelligence, genetics, interstellar travel, material sciences, aircraft, neuroscience, and social good businesses. Ad Valorum invests in companies maximizing social

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